Embrace the Time Off. Then Get Back At It!


This week was a tough one. As the owner of a small business you never know when, or where the work is going to come from, or how much of it will come all at one time. This past two weeks has been amazing for work, not so much for the training. There was a good stretch there where bed time had gotten moved to 3am, with wake up calls at 7am. Needless to say 4 hours of sleep is barely enough to function just walking around, much less try to swim, bike or run.

So instead of pushing my self in to injury, or making myself sick, I decided to just embrace this time as an opportunity for my body to recover and to prepare my self for the work ahead. I mean lets be honest the training is fun, but its just a hobby. My main priority is taking care of my family and making sure that my business is successful. I mean the more I work, the more toys I can buy (Quarq here I come)…

The other thing that has happened over this work imposed off time, is a renewed enthusiasm for the next weeks training. Its also made me appreciate how fortunate I am to be able to work out as often as I do as we’ll as how training impacts my mood.  I have noticed a bit of frustration and stress creeping in with the lack of physical activity, either that or I am just tired and crabby? I suppose either are possible.

Now day 5 of my week of complete inactivity and feeling lazy, I decided to look back on my year so far. I am sure that there are many people with higher totals than mine, but I am quite happy with what I have done so far.

Swim Totals Since Jan 1.
8.42 Miles
6:30:37 Time

Bike Totals Since Jan 1.
229 Miles
12:29:11 Time

Run Totals Since Jan 1.
92 Miles
15:06:15 Time

20,713 Total Calories Burned

It’s a good start to the season, and I am excited to get out tomorrow and knock out a nice and easy long run to get back on track.


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