It’s All About Jack

Every Thursday morning Jack and I have hockey together, well it’s his practice but I get to skate as well and assist the coach with whatever he needs. I also get to hang out with my son for two hours and help him to learn new skills and have a fun at the same time.

It has been amazing to be there and watch him get better and more confident every week. To see his abilities grow and see him get faster and stronger all the time. It feels great to know that my Jack is doing all of these things and I have helped to teach him these things.

In the past there have been days when Jack was less then fantastic. Times when he was not trying his best or was just going through the motions. I have to admit on those days I am a bit disappointed in what he is doing and his effort. Yesterday was one of those days. He wasn’t interested in my help or coaching so I just sat on the bench to watch him skate and it really changed my way of thinking.

As I sat on the bench during practice watching him go up and down the ice, through the cones, shooting on goal.  I had a very real moment where I realized it is not about me, but it is all about him. He is not skating for my entertainment, Thursdays mornings are for him, for his enjoyment, for his experiences good or bad. I know that I have days in life where I wake up and I am not feeling it. I would be a liar if I said every day is 100% positive effort all the time. Why then do I expect the same from my 5 year old?

My enjoyment from hockey practice or anything else for that matter, should not be based on his effort or what he is or is not doing. It should be, and is based on the fact that I have an amazing child who I am proud of no matter what. This is his time for fun and I need to enjoy each and every moment that we have, knowing that it’s a special and unique experience.

I will always encourage him to do his best in everything he does, but I will also be more understanding if he has a bad day. I am happy because my son loves me and I am fortunate enough to be able to spend time with him doing things that make him happy. I have said it before and I will say it again, I love my life and I wouldn’t trade places with anyone. I hope everyone reading this can say the same thing.


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