The French May Be On To Something

The other day I stopped and bought a loaf of French bread for dinner and then being me, totally forgot to cut it up. I knew by dinner the next day it would be stale so I decided in the morning I was going to make some French Toast out of it. Now I know that I already have a French Toast post, but I assure you this one is much better. I was blown away by the difference of using the French Bread.

What you need:
• Loaf of French Bread
• Vanilla Extract
• Cinnamon
• 2 Eggs
• Milk
• Powdered Sugar
• Fresh Fruit
• Butter

This is simple. First cut your bread into 1 inch slices. I like them nice big and fat, perfect to soak up all the batter we are going to make. Next crack 2 eggs into a bowl large enough to dip your bread into add in your milk, a splash of vanilla, and some cinnamon. Now beat all of that together and you have your batter. Fire up your skillet or pan to medium heat and lets cook this toast. Place a pad of butter on the hot surface and make sure it is well coated, we dont want or food sticking. Then take each piece of bread and dip it into your batter gently squeezing it a bit to really let it soak up the goodness. Place it on the skillet and let it sizzle away. Flip it after 1 minute and see how it looks. It should have a bit of a golden cooked look, if it doesnt just flip it back and wait a bit longer. Do this with all your pieces, and when they are done move them on your plate.

Next cut up some fresh fruit, I like to use strawberries and blueberries they have a great softness and sweetness. Place the fruit on and around your toast, I like to make sure I get some fruit with every bite. Now sprinkle the whole thing with powdered sugar and enjoy.

Being the Healthy Dad I feel that I must tell you, the calories are probably a bit higher on this French Toast then the one I previously posted. That is just because of the difference in the bread. For me it is worth it, I will cut somewhere else during the day.




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