Grow It Yourself

For a while now I have wanted to plant and grow our own herbs but I felt like it was too much work and I didn’t have enough time. Well this past weekend that all changed and I took Jack over to the Barn Nursery in Cary to start our project.

We got there and walked around the lot looking at all the incredible flowers and plants they have, then found our way to the herb shed. There we talked with one of the amazing members of the staff who shared with us the all she knew about the different herbs and helped us make our selections. Jack got to pick out the tub for us to grow them in, and we rushed home to start our project.

As soon as we walked in the door he told his mom all about our new project. Jack was so excited to help plant our new tasty treats so we started right away. Gracie even got into the mix as well dumping dirt and picking which item we should plant next. Later that night we cut a few items from our garden and added them to dinner and the taste of fresh herbs was so good. Honestly I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner.

All together from going to the store, picking what needed, planting them, and getting cleaned up it probably took at most 2 hrs with a total cost of $40. It was totally worth every moment and ever cent. Over that time I got to hang out with my kids and teach them how to do something fun and good for you while making sure that we continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

I would highly recommend every one try this with their kids.














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