First Outdoor Run.

Today was very exciting for me. For the first time since October I went for a run outside. The weather was a bit chilly at first, but after the first mile you couldn’t even feel the brisk air anymore. My lungs felt great taking in all of the good crisp fresh air. I found myself just going and going, weaving in and out of town, clearing my mind of all the distraction I have and focusing on the task at hand, and it felt amazing. When I got home I felt so energized mentally and physically, I am so ready for spring and outdoor running. There are a few different iPhone apps that I will be trying out this season. Today I went with my old stand by Trail Guru. I love it for running and biking as it maps out your run using GPS and graphs your run in a number of different ways so you can easily track your progress.

For those keeping track at home, here were my stats. I was very pleased with my time, especially for it being the first time on the road this season.

Distance: 6 miles
Time: 52:00
Avg. Pace: 8:42 min/mile
Avg. Speed: 6.88 mph
Top Speed: 9.94 mph
Calories Burned: 729

2-18-11 (Running) | Crystal Lake, IL 60014, USA


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