Fried Chicken Friday

Fried Chicken and Fries

You had a long week, so treat yourself to some good ol’ comfort food. How about some Fried Chicken and French Fries? There is a bit of a catch, nothing on this plate is fried, instead it is baked saving you a ton of guilt and calories. The best news is, it’s really easy to make.

Here is what you will need for the chicken:
• Chicken thighs and drumsticks
• Bread Crumbs
• Milk
• Salt and Pepper to season
• Depending on your spice preference, some Cayenne, and Garlic salt

Here is what you need for the fries:
• 2 Medium sized Russet Potatoes (you know the baking kind)
• 1 Sweet Potato
• Olive Oil
• Salt and Pepper to season

Pre-heat your oven to 450, while that is heating up, start cutting your potatoes in to fries. They dont have to be perfect, but try getting them the same size so they cook evenly. Once they are cut throw them into a zip-lock bag with some olive oil, salt and pepper and toss them around so they coat evenly. Next spread your fries on a cookie sheet and set it aside.

In a bowl mix up your spices and bread crumbs and place it on the side. Next, one at a time dip your chicken in a bowl of milk and transfer it to your bowl of seasoning and bread crumbs making sure that it is completely covered and place it on another cookie sheet. Now sprinkle your chicken with some additional salt and pepper as you see fit.

Once the oven is ready add both cookie sheets to the oven and set your timer for 25-30 mins depending on how accurate your particular oven is, I find ours is a bit off. Once they are done pull them out and allow them a chance to rest a bit and you are ready to eat.

So what is the total damage you ask?
4oz. Chicken (1 piece) – 220 Calories
Fries – 80 Calories
Total – 290 Calories


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