A Challenge, To Do Something Great.

January is almost over and that means gyms around the country will start to be less and less crowded.  Many people will be giving up on their resolutions to “live healthier” or “lose weight”. Its just a fact of life and it happens every year. The question is why? Do people decide that they were wrong and that they don’t want to be healthy? Or, are they simply unmotivated to change?

I feel that too many people are looking for immediate gratification, a quick fix pill that solves all of their woes and the less work the better. The problem is when the results don’t happen right away, they often lose focus and become disinterested. In reality, changing your life for the better takes a huge effort, serious commitment and the right motivation.

What worked for me and others that I have talked to, is setting a challenge for yourself and then working to accomplishing it. Not a challenge like, “I want to lose 16lbs in the next 2 weeks”, that is a recipe for failure. Stuff like that only happens on the Biggest Loser, and as a huge fan of the show, I can tell you those contestants work hard.

So what sort of challenge am I talking about… Race season.

I know that the idea of signing up for a race to many people is a daunting and frightening task, but it shouldn’t be. In reality, it’s the perfect opportunity to better your life and help the community around you. Many races that take place are associated with one cause or another with the proceeds from that race going towards a particular organization.

So your challenge, if you so choose to accept it, is to first find a race and register for it. Then, tell all your friends and family that you will be participating in the event, brag about it and take pride in the fact that you are about to accomplish something awesome.  After that, the only thing left to do is train yourself to reach that finish line. I guarantee that along the way you will shed weight, lose inches, and feel better about yourself.

My first race this year will be the Galena Triathlon, what about you?

Find a race in your area.


2 Comments on “A Challenge, To Do Something Great.”

  1. Ron Roberti says:

    Check this out. I’m thinking of signing up. need ideas on how to train for such an event.

  2. Ron, The Warrior Dash looks like a great race. I have wanted to do it for the last 2 years unfortunately it is Fathers Day weekend and thats pretty booked for me. I think you should do it and tell me how it is. Maybe do a guest blog post…

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